Sarrouy, Alix Didier. 2023. Dream Orchestra – Report. Lisboa: INET-md, NOVA FCSH.

This is an information report about the Dream Orchestra, a non-profit association based in Gothenburg, Sweden, that supports vulnerable children and young refugees by helping them learn music together. The Dream Orchestra has been welcoming, caring for and educating young migrants and refugees by providing music education since 2016. As this report makes clear, this educational context is particularly demanding, especially with regard to social skills, pedagogical knowledge, emotion management and resilience. We find this to be true for all social actors involved, including students, teachers, parents and caretakers, volunteers, directors, institutional partners and financers. We hope this report is inclusive, accessible and useful to all social actors interested in comprehensive art education programmes, from policy-makers to teachers and students. Our objective is to present the data we have collected straightforwardly and effectively, and to ensure that it is accessible to a broad readership. We hope that it elicits curiosity, awareness and critical thinking, and that every reader further develops the ideas presented in thought and action.